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5 Tips on Creating the Perfect Instagram Feed

Have you ever wondered how all those fashion bloggers on instagram have the perfect feed and how they manage to create a consistent, easily recognizable theme?
I know I have! So I surfed the interwebs for tips and I believe I found the seven perfect ingredients to making eyecatching, beautiful instagram feeds. Here they are:

1.Keep it bright and don’t over-edit
People are naturally attracted to brighter images, as they are visually more appealing. If possible – always shoot photos in natural light, but if you can’t – just use the “Exposure” tool on the Instagram app to instantly brighten up. Slide it to the right until you are happy with the result. You can also use the "Shadows" tool to make the photos brighter without overexposing them.


Another tip is to use the “teeth withening” tool on FaceTune and instead of whitening your tooh (though you might wanna do that as well) – use it to brighten up the background of your photos or any small objects that you want to stand out more.

Also – lay down on the filters! Statistics show that people tend to prefer photos that (seem) more natural. But if you really want to slap on some Aden or Nashville – at least try to stick to the same filter for all your photos, so that it gives them a somewhat consistent theme.

2.Lots of negative space
Have you heard that saying “less is more”? That applies to your instagram photos as well. Try to take photos that focus on 1-3 main elements and the rest is just negative space. Busy photos, where there are lots of items or a lot happening, are distracting to the eye.

3. Boost your flatlays with marble
Have you seen those chic flatlays on instagram with items placed on gorgeous marble surfaces? Beautiful, right? Guess what - in 8 out 10 cases that marble  countertop is fake, and you can fake it too! How? Just buy  marble self-adhesive film from any craft store and stick to a cardboard. The lovely Hariette from “With Lipstick and Love” has a very quick tutorial on how to do this – “How to Fake a Marble Flat Lay”.

  Photos by

4. Diversify
Don’t post two of the same kind of photos one after the other. Your selfie game may be on point but it gets somewhat boring when someone’s feed consists primarily of their face. :) Switch it up and try to create patterns that work for you (selfie – landscape – quote – flatlay – my cat for an example). That way your feed will look much more diversified and would appeal to wider range of people.

Do this
Not This
5. VSCO Themes
My last and biggest tip and what I have found to be the ultimate game-changer is using the VSCO Cam app and choosing a photo edit combination that works for you and applying it to all the photos you post. Just type “instagram theme” in Pinterest and many images will pop-up showing you what combination of settings you need to apply to get the desired effect (click on it to see it larger):

Here is a before and after on one of my own images after applying one of the VSCO filters and settings combo:


And there you have it – my 5 quick tips on how to make your instagram feed envy-worthy. :)


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