Sunday, January 8, 2017

Saturday is the new Sunday

A Sunday well spent, brings a week of content. Or in my case it’s more like A Saturday spent shopping, brings a week of deliveries and negative balance to my bank account.
In my defense – I really badly needed a couple of warm sweaters and shampoo and conditioner. Not that I would be able to wear my purchases or rock my freshly washed hair out anyway – given that it is currently -18 degrees, but feels more like -50 (this is Celsius, which makes -1 million in Fahrenheit, I guess)

What I really should have been doing is writing my university paper on merchandising. However, I am a firm believer that putting things off till the last minute, makes for a better result. (Not really, just more rushed)
To my own surprise, I did finish my paper on time, so I decided I should reward myself with a little at-home pampering session. Besides – what else is there to do when you are practically snowed-in? So pampering it was.

Included on my at-home-SPA menu were:

  • ·      Facial (aka slapping on some enzyme peeling mask)
  • ·      Pedicure (removing the old, chipped Essie red nailpolish and putting on a fresh coat of that very same Essie red nailpolish)
  • ·      Self-tanning (because it is the dead of winter and what is more natural than a tan in “Ultra Dark”, right?)
Winter Essentials :)

Couple of hours later I feel like a brand new person. Streaky fake tanner and all.
All in all – I believe it was a very productive Saturday. Next up – bingeing on Netflix’s “Travelers”. That series is so good! Watch it if you haven’t. Better yet – order some Domino’s and binge watch it, like me. :)

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