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5 Reasons Why You Should Create a Vision Board in 2017

“The secret of having it all is believing you already do”
Have you heard of vision boards before? They are a powerful tool that helps you turn your dreams, goals and aspirations to reality. How exactly? - you might ask. Well..

Scientifically speaking….

In our brains there is something called Reticular Activating System (RAS). It helps filter information and essentially affects what we put our attention to. So let's say your goal is to get your dream job this year and you rally put your mind to it. RAS starts working and all of a sudden you start seeing more articles with great tips on how to land your dream job, you join a job board posting site, you get introduced to someone who knows someone at that amazing company you like and before you know it - there is an opening… you apply and… Congrats on your new job! :)

Still not convinced? Then keep reading for my 5 reasons why you should create a vision board this year:

It provides clarity
You get clear on what you really want. Very often we set quite broad or ambiguous goals for ourselves - “I want to get fit”, “I want to travel more” - but how does it actually look like? You are more likely to work hard towards a goal when you are aware of what the end result should be. You want to travel to Santorini, Iceland of New York - print out a photo of each destination. You want Nicole Scherzinger’s abs or J-Lo’s booty (we all do!) — browse through a magazine and cut out some images. Take a moment to admire and then hit the gym with determination!

Daily Affirmations
Use your board not only for beautiful visions you aspire to, but for quotes, inspiration and affirmations. Quite often we get bogged down with daily struggles and we start listening to our negative mindchatter  (‘you are lazy’, ‘it is not going to work out’, ‘give up already’) In order to silence the Negative Nancy inside of us, we need daily affirmations. Affirmations are little love notes we write to ourselves, they express who we really, truly are and remind us that the world is in fact full of endless possibilities!

I use my vision board to keep my Core Desired Feelings in front of me at all times. The Core Desired Feelings are part of a goal-setting system, called Desire Mapping, created by the amazing Danielle LaPorte. If you want to know more about it - check out her website or my post here.

Keeps you focused
We are always so excited for New Years’ - to write our resolutions; for Mondays - to kick-off that new diet; for mornings - as they bring a day full of possibilities… And then comes the afternoon, then it’s Wednesday and a moment after - it is July and we realise we’re not even close to where we wanted to be! It is easy to get off track and to sink back into a comfortable routine. This is where your vision board comes in handy as it is always there - an exciting, bright and beautiful reminder of where you want to go, who you want to be and what you want your life to look like. 

It gets you excited
Essentially, a vision board is a list of goals, but in a much more appealing, visual form. Nobody gets excited about boring lists, but beautiful pictures and inspirational visions get us every time (that’s why we are all so obsessed with Instagram, am I right?) Filling it up with your favourite things works on both conscious and subconscious levels by helping you to emotionally connect to your desires and get all fired up!

It is powerful
Energy flows where attention goes.’ - this is one of the 7 Fundamental Principles of Huna. In simple terms - it means that whatever you spend most of your conscious (and subconscious) thinking on, will grow and become your reality. Think about it - when you get nervous about that big presentation at work and all you can think about are all the possible ways you can fail, your mind actually starts believing it and turns it to reality when it goes completely blank in the middle of your second sentence. That is the power of vision - it helps you focus all your energy like a laser beam, which in turn is essential for making all your desires (or fears - if you choose to focus on those!) come to life.

A vision board is an amazing tool to help you gain the clarity and focus you need, but don’t forget - dreams don’t work unless you do! :) 

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  1. Thanks! Let me know if you try it! ;)

  2. Vision board has become an inseparable part of my life for the last five years! It is the best way to cheer you up every day and encourage you to go for your most wanted desires. What I can share of my experience till now is that it works and it is POWERFUL! There is nothing more powerful than our own thoughts! Just it takes time to turn them to the right direction ;)

    1. It makes ALL the difference, doesn't it? And it's also pretty to look at, hehe. :)


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