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Favorites: The St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse

*you’re never fully dressed without a tan*
So here is the thing - I like tanning. 

I like the whole experience of going to the beach, laying out in the sand, feeling the sun on my skin, listening to the sound of the waves… you get the picture. What I don’t like is skin cancer. So whenever I am in the sun - I slap on a minimum of SPF 30 lotion (SPF50 on my face!) Which is healthy and smart and you should do it too, if you don’t want to get melanoma or worse - premature wrinkles! However, protecting your skin with high SPF makes getting a nice deep tan a bit of  a slower process. 

So instead, I use fake tanners. 

And I’ve tried quite a few (among my favourites: Clarins’ Delicious Self-tanning Cream and l’Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Smoothing Milk). I prefer lotions as I they make me feel like I control where the product goes and are easier to rub into the skin. Mousses make me anxious. And sprays scare the sh*t out of me! However, I was running low on my l’Oreal and decided I should for once try out something new and purchased the St. Moriz Instant Self-Tanning Mousse (+ a self-tanning mitt).

My overall impression:

Natural result
Or at least as natural as fake goes. :)

No Patchiness
It applies quite smoothly and evenly (you need a mitt!) so unless you forget a spot - it shouldn’t leave you with streaks. Also - it fades away quite evenly, no patchy looking skin. Yay!

Dries up pretty quickly
but not too much to send you into panic mode! Just wait a couple of minutes and you can get dressed.

It is 6.80 USD on Amazon :)

I use it once a week and find that it stays on for up to 5 days and just gradually fades away. 

St Moriz Self-Tanning Mousse in Dark

Tools of the trade:

Exfoliation is key for even and gorgeous tan. I currently use Cottage's Vanilla scrub but am not impressed. The beads are too tiny and there is too few of them, so I feel like it is not doing a very good job.

Self-tanning mitt
You need one, trust me. It makes all the difference. Mine is by St Moriz and works quite fine, but any will do. Just don't use your bare hands! You'll regret it. :)

Moisturising body lotion
Self-tanners dry up the skin, so you need all the moisture you can get. I am loving The Body Shop's body butters - a bit thick and smell amazing.

Tan maximiser
Not a must, but if you'd like your tan to stay on longer before you have to apply again - these babies are very helpful. Mine is from Avon and smells like the beach. :)

If you’ve tried St. Moriz's mousse or any other of their products let me know what you think and if you have suggestions for other good self-tanners I would LOVE to know!

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