Tuesday, March 14, 2017

2017 Swimsuit Trends

The good, the bad and the … questionable?
Summer is just around the corner for those of us living in the northern hemisphere. What this means is: longer days, warmer nights, sweaty armpits and buying new swimwear!
As someone born and raised on the coast, I have true love for the beach, the sea and wearing bikinis, so I’ve recently spent some too much time browsing my favourite shops for cute new pieces. There are some that really caught my attention and others that made me go “hmm…really?”. Scroll down for top ten of the Good, the Bad and the Weird of 2017 Swimsuit Trends. :)

1. High Neck
Wearing a high neck bikini is so unpractical, I know. Nobody loves weird tan lines.  And having your face and neck be different colour than your chest is never a good look. But aside from that - how cute is this bikini? 

Victoria Secret

2. Crop Top
Speaking of weird tan lines, how about wearing a complete crop top bikini? Seriously, why would you wear that on the beach? 

3. Tassels
I love tassels! They look great on drapes, cushions and occasionally - bags. On bikini tops - not so much. Besides - what do you do when they get wet?
Beach Riot
4. All Laced Up
One word: HOT! Whether the swimsuit is laced at the front or at the sides - it just looks so sexy. The only issue I see with that is having to move the strings every now and then, so you don’t get weird tan lines. 

5. Sheer fabric
One word: NO! And if I have to add a second one for clarification: TACKY.

6. One-shoulder Wraps
This gives me major J-lo vibes (girl loves her one-shoulder/off-shoulder pieces) and I would totally wear it!

Stella McCartney

7. Low-Cut Single Piece
I find one pieces with plunging necklines to be sexy, yet stylish. Add a black wide-brim hat for an extra “model off-duty” feel.

South Beach

8. High-Cut Single Piece
Definitely not my cup of tea, but if you are going after the Baywatch/ elongated leg effect - this style might be right up your alley.

Minimale Animale
9. Strings, Strings, Strings
There is just something about strings that screams “sexy” to me. Strings were everywhere last year and it seems the trend is continuing this year too. 

BeachBunny Swimwear

10. Racy Lace-y
I love lace - on clothing and lingerie. But when it comes to swimwear, you run the risk of people wondering whether you forgot your bikini and are rocking your underwear on the beach instead. 


Which style are you going to rock this summer?

p.s. I may or may not have already purchased one high neck bikini and a stringy one…. :)

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