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My Favourite Instagram Travel Accounts

”Wanderlust [ noun ] - the irresistible, incurable desire to travel or wander”
Thanks to Instagram I get to vicariously travel to places near and far. Admittedly, I’d much rather be actually traveling than scrolling down my phone, but it’s the next best option. If you, like me, enjoy exploring foreign cultures, visiting new places or have appreciation for landscapes and cityscapes - then you might want to check out my top 6 favourite Instagram travel accounts. But proceed with caution - the following photos are known to cause sudden attacks of wanderlust. 

1. Lauren from @gypsea_lust
This Australian beauty is only 23 years old but has over 1M followers on instagram and it is no wonder - her travel photos are little pieces of art. Lauren and her partner Jack (@doyoutravel) travel the world and document all their adventures - from Dubai, Bali, Thailand, Cambodia, Greece, Turkey, Italy, the Bahamas, India, China, Mauritius, Hawaii and even Madagascar! Check out the latest posts on both of their instagram accounts for some amazing photos of the Philippines! 

2. Pris and Eve from @welikebali
These two girls have Dutch and Indonesian roots and met in the Netherlands while working for a creative agency. Together, they started their travel blog (back in 2009!) and today they spend their time exploring the nature and culture of Bali and share their experiences on the blog and on their instagram account - the beaches, the hotspots, the people of Bali. If you enjoy the sun, sea, sand and island life - you will definitely like @welikebali. :)

3. Jacob from @jacob
Jacob is professional photographer and his travel photos are so vibrant, beautiful and breath-taking that they belong in an art gallery. Jacob is literally living the dream - getting paid to travel and take amazing photos to share with the world. It all started with him taking stunning photos of London and today on his instagram account you can see stunning landscapes and cityscapes from all over the world. My favourite ones are of the Northern lights that I wish to see live one day. :)

4. Jeremy from @jeremyjauncey
Jeremy is founder and CEO at (where Jacob also works as Creative Director). He shares snaps and videos from his globe-trotting adventures and inspires millions of followers to do the same (his company’s instagram page @beautifuldestinations has a whooping 8.4M followers!)

5. Carin from @parisinfourmonths
This one is for all the Paris lovers. Carin is Swedish by origin but she moved to Paris in 2012 with the intention of staying for just a few months. Five years later she has made it her permanent home and she shares her passion for photography on her blog ( and her Instagram account. I have seen a bajillion photographs of the Eiffel Tower, yet hers amaze me every time with their beauty and effortless elegance. J’adore!

6. Lauren from @laurenangeliquehoffman
Lauren is a model, actress, dancer, photographer, blogger and a stunning beauty. Born and raised in Cape Town with a passion for travelling, she shares daily snaps of her life and adventures, which go beyond the boundaries of South Africa. Her instagram is bright, fun and happy are her instal-stories often feature stunning beaches and pool parties. :)

Got any other instagram travel accounts worth mentioning? Let me know! 

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