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How to Burn Extra Calories a Day

Let's be honest - some days you feel like eating as healthy as a triathlon athlete and some days you feel like you *need* a donut to stay sane. I am all for keeping a balance and never call it "cheating". It's called "enjoying your life", as you totally should, babe! 
So instead of feeling guilty (you never should!) - here is some ways you could burn those extra calories instead. 


Instead of using the elevator at work (unless your office is on the 78th floor!) - why not commit to using the stairs? You will burn additional calories for each flight of stars. Only going up though! One flight of stairs is estimated to burn around 5 calories, which doesn't seem a lot, but it adds up if you decide to give up using the lift altogether. Added benefit: it's a great exercise for the booty!


If you're taking a call at work, instead of staying at your desk, why not get up and start moving. Take a walk to the kitchenette, to the copying machine and back to your desk. These extra steps add up! 500 steps burn you 25 calories, so start walking, babe!
And do some lunges and squats while you're at it! Just don't go too crazy with it - if you start panting over the phone, it might get a little weird for whoever is on the other side of the line...


Washing the dishes, vacuuming, dusting, doing your laundry - all of these burn calories like crazy! For an example:

  • Washing the dishes x 10 min = 26 calories
  • Ironing x 20 min = 50 calories
  • Vacuuming x 10 min = 37 calories
  • Mopping the floors x 20 min = 42 calories
  • Cleaning the windows x 30 min = 153 calories

Out of all though, moving furniture burns the most calories - 225 calories per 30 min. Whaaat! So how about changing up your living room setup his weekend? You get the benefit of a full workout AND a refreshed living room! Double win!


Switch the office chair for a stability ball. It's really good for your posture and is an awesome ab workout! Why? Because when you sit on the ball, your body is constantly making small adjustments to remain balanced. You are engaging big muscle groups in doing so, which in turn burns way more calories.

And it's fun!


The "Bachelor" is on? Sweet! But instead of plunking yourself on the comfy coach - sit on the floor. When you sit on the floor, your muscles have to support you, so they work twice as hard! It's also harder to get up. Just don't get tempted to lie on your tummy and watch that way! It may give you some fun school night flashbacks but does nothing for your abs!

And there you have it - five ways to burn extra calories in a day. 

Got more tips? -> Share them in the comments below! 

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