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6 Tips for Better Sleep

Babies need more sleep to grow and adults need more sleep ... just to stay sane. 

Joke aside, not getting enough Zzz's at night can seriously affect your physical and mental health, leaving you tired, foggy-minded and can even make you gain a few pounds, because you're more likely to reach for unhealthy, sugary snacks to compensate for the lack of energy! Doctors recommend getting at least 7,5 - 8 hrs of sleep every night, but we all now this can be a struggle sometimes. Which is why I put together 6 tips for better sleep (tried and tested!) to help you make the most out of your bedtime hours. 


Have an early dinner

You'll have a better night's sleep if you eat your last bite at least a couple of hours before going to bed. Eating early dinner gives your body enough time to process the food. It also allows you more time to naturally wind down with a cup of tea, instead of rushing around to clean and wash up the dishes. 

Take a little walk

Go for a 15 minute walk after dinner. It will not only help with digestion, but you'll also get some fresh air. Cold, fresh air is great for you, because when we fall asleep, our bodies naturally start to cool off, so helping your body get to that lower temperature faster will promote better, deeper sleep. You can also opt to keep the temperature in the bedroom a bit cooler to help you fall asleep faster.

Ban the 'gram after 9pm

Not just Instagram, but your phone in general. While you're at it - switch off the Netflix too. Our bodies' have an internal clock, called Circadian rhythm, which tells the body to get ready for sleep as it gets dark outside. But with all that technology around us - TV on, scrolling our feed on the lit up iPhone screen - it confuses our internal clocks whether it's day or night outside. To help naturally wind down - put away the phone after 9pm or switch on the Night Shift Mode and snooze away.

Get your heart rate up

Regular exercise helps you get a better night's sleep too. Exercise gets your body fired up (literally!). The increased body temperature and the post-workout drop in temperature promote a better sleep. Has anyone else had the yawns after a heavy gym sesh? A study has shown that people get significantly better sleep if they manage to squeeze in at least 150 min of exercise a week. So get in your yoga pants and get moving!

Unwind with herbal tea

My favorite way to get ready for bed is with a nice, hot mug of my favorite tea. It helps me unwind - mind and body and naturally drift off to Dreams Land. My favorite teas are YogiTea's Bedtime Tea (you get a little love note with each tea bag, and also their tea selection is amazing!) and Ahmad's CalmingVerbena.

Have a night-time routine

Create a night-time routine for yourself that you'll be looking forward to: put a face mask on, sip a cup of delicious tea, put on some fuzzy socks, read a nice book or take some extra time putting your face cream. Whatever floats your nighttime boat! - just make sure you do these things consistently at an exact time and over time your body will learn to recognize it as a cue that its time to wind down, making falling asleep even easier!


What are your tips for getting better sleep!? Let me know in the comments below!

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